Check… Check… Is this thing on?

Hey, thanks for coming. I won’t waste too much of your time on this first post, I’m still just getting warmed up here. But check back soon because I’ve got a little extra time coming up shortly and I’m planning to work up some themes so you can get a quick sense for whether this one is for you. As a preview, the audience I’m aiming for is mostly friends & family, but “business” topics (and especially organizational behavior, online and technology stuff) will show up often, because those are some of the patterns I spend the most time thinking about. (Lucky for me, my wife and I met in business school so she doesn’t think it’s completely ridiculous to, say, apply Meyers-Briggs profiles when discussing why a dinner party didn’t work out).

Thanks for coming, and (not that I need to mention it, but I will anyway) comments are welcome. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my more experienced blogger friends, it’s that the comments -and the conversations and relationships they sometimes spark – are often the most satisfying part of the whole blogging experience.