First Question (sort of)

This isn’t exactly the kind of question I was expecting, but hey, it’s the first (and only) one I’ve received so far via my new question button, so here you go:

Q: Chris – I just came upon your blog from another source, and tried to subscribe using Newsgator Online, but it says that the feed URL is invalid. I tried everything I could think of, but it still didn’t work. Any thoughts? Good luck on your next venture, sorry to hear about Judy’s Book. (from Mike Strock)

A: Hi Mike, thanks for the question (and for using my question widget, and for the effort to subscribe to my blog) . I just checked the feed URL using Google Reader and the subscription added fine. I see that the FeedBurner URL doesn’t end in .xml, so maybe NewsGator requires that extension to recognize it as a feed? If it helps, here’s the URL forFeedBurner’s XML view of the content: Let me know if that gets you there and thanks for reading!

Hopefully that will break the ice on the questions front…