Google + BlackBerry Integration – Two Down, One to Go

I love my BlackBerry and I love Google’s suite of productivity and communications apps, but until recently I’ve had to rely on apps I don’t love at all (like Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry’s own desktop sync) to make the two play nicely together. It was a great day when Google released Gmail for the BlackBerry, but I still had to reply on junky apps and/or physical connections to handle Calendar and Contacts sync. Yesterday Rahul tipped me off to the release of Google Calendar for the Blackberry, which I promptly downloaded and found to work flawlessly. Now all Google needs to do is ship an app to sync my Google contacts to my BlackBerry and I can cut my desktop (and Microsoft) out of the equation altogether. C’mon guys, you can do it!


  1. Robin

    Is there a download client app for Google Calendar for Mobile or is it just an optimized browser? I can’t find the download. I use the Gmail mobile client and it’s great. I’d love to have the same for calendar.

  2. Robin

    ok, got it. The phrase “Google Calendar for Mobile” confused me as it’s Google Sync you download. If you go to Google Calendar you just get the optimized browsers experience.

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