Go Obama!

I’m cynical enough about Presidential politics that it’s hard to admit, but I’m genuinely excited by Barack Obama’s candidacy and have been steadily raising the personal stakes of my commitment to his campaign over the past year. His win tonight in Iowa is another strong puff of wind in that sail, and for the first time since the bitterly disappointing Bush/Gore outcome I can actually say I’m looking forward to campaign season this year. I love rooting for the good guys, but I also like to win, and it’s looking like this year I might get to do both.

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  1. Bill

    I feel I am pretty jaded about politics right now. I wish I could share your excitment.

    Between the fact the there is 11 months for them to screw up and I am not sure how much I believe any of them, I can’t.

    And just think here in WA we have another Rossi v Gregoire contest to look forward to.


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