John Cook asks about Askablogr via Askablogr!

Q: Chris,John Cook here at the P-I. I sent you an e-mail, but maybe this is the better way to chat. When did you launch the site? How do you plan to make money or is it a side project? Competitors?
Posted by jcook

A: Hi John, great to see you on Askablogr! I just replied (at length) to your email, but here’s the 30-second version:

  • For now, Askablogr is just a side project, one of those ideas I just couldn’t let go even though there was no obvious way to turn it into a business.
  • I launched the current prototype in January and have been chipping away at bug fixes and a few small upgrades since then.
  • On the money front, it would be great if we got enough traffic to pay for hosting, but that isn’t really the point. It’s just something that I thought would be useful and that I didn’t see anyone else doing.
  • There aren’t any competing services that I know of, but I think of the idea as a mashup of some of the best qualities of Yahoo! Answers, MyBlogLog and a little Colorado startup called Intense Debate.

Thanks again for the interest – I’d love to talk more if it’s of interest.


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