Askablogr Question: How to Introduce Yourself to the Community (and feature survey)

Q: Hi Chris, is there a community page where I can introduce myself and my blog? Or should I just “ask” around? 🙂
Posted by Lorenz van Gool

A: Hi Lorenz, sorry if my previous question left this in doubt. I was thinking you would reply to my question with a little background about yourself and the topics you cover. Right now the Q&A flow is the only format for posting to the site, although I’m realizing that we need some way of responding to or commenting on questions to facilitate follow-ups (like this one).

By way of feedback, I’d love to know how you’d prioritize the following features:

  • Reply to an answer you received with a related comment or question (threaded Q&A)
  • Comment on existing Q&A (open to anyone)
  • Rate an answer you received (simple thumbs-up / thumbs-down / flag abuse rating)
  • Other idea I haven’t thought of yet

Thanks for any feedback you can provide on the above – we’ve had a ton of new member signups recently, which has helped us identify a long list of needed enhancements and now we have to choose which matter most.

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