Google + BlackBerry Integration Update: Contacts On The Way

One of my earliest (and most viewed) posts was this one on Google / Blackberry integration. At the time, I said that the only missing piece was integration with Google contacts. Well, according to this article on Read/Write Web, contacts integration is on the way.

Per the Contacts API site, Google hasn’t yet shipped the BlackBerry integration script I’m looking for, but with the API in place it won’t be long before they or someone else tackles that piece of work. Their post on the release suggests as much, saying:

“For example, developers can use it to… [w]rite sync applications for mobile devices or popular, desktop-based contact management applications.”

Despite the recent swoon in their public market valuation, Google continues to impress with user-centric innovations that (I believe) only cement their position as the anchor of the people-centered Web. Now if someone will just hurry up and ship that BB contacts interface…