Reader Question: Want to See Crash Dev Content in

Q: Saw your great blog. I am content director for, a big site about to launch. We’d LOVE to have you put some of your Seattle invest/business content on Examiner & we’ll promote your blog.
Asked by Laura Vecsey

A: Hi Laura, thanks for getting in touch (I recognize your byline from the Seattle P-I). I hadn’t heard about prior to your message, but I’m flattered by your interest and would like to learn more about what you have planned. Part of this is pure curiosity – having been in the local online content business via Judy’s Book, I know how hard it can be to achieve scale in content and audience at the local level. Are you an aggregator of mainstream content like Topix, a local blog aggregator like, or something else entirely? Regardless, if you’re involved I expect it will be a strong offering and I’d love to support it. Let me know how you’d like to proceed, and thanks again for the inquiry.

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