Open Startup: Askablogr’s 4-month Birthday

Not a ton of news to report this month but didn’t want to leave anyone hanging (assuming there are folks out there who are still following this story…). A few stats to get you started:

  • Members: 492
  • Completed Q&A: 768

Good News:

  • We keep chipping away at feature tweaks (mostly based on member feedback)
  • We’ve gotten some nice feedback from some folks in the BlogHer network and are cautiously optimistic that the goodwill will spread
  • We see glimmers of an uptick in organic question velocity, coming primarily from what we think of as “advice” or “resource” blogs – e.g., Yoshithin, Always Foot Care

Bad News:

  • Somehow we let Movable Type integration fall off our priority list, blocking adoption by some folks who really liked the idea (it’s back on and in progress)
  • Our right rail cleanup hasn’t (yet) improved our AdSense CTR, so we’re still upside-down on our hosting costs ($34/month – covering that cost is the only real financial goal for the product).
  • Overall adoption and organic question velocity haven’t shown meaningful acceleration, meaning we still have some work to do to find product-market fit.

That’s it for this month. As always, if you have questions, feedback or suggestions, just fire away.