Google Ships Contacts Sync for BlackBerry

Earlier today I got a tip from my friend and colleague Danny Vo (one of the co-founders of Cooler Planet) that that latest version of Google Sync for Blackberry now includes Contacts. I just downloaded the new version (0.5.9) and selected the Contacts sync option, and my phone has been grinding away for the past 20 minutes or so pulling down the file.

It’s been almost a year since Google first released their Calendar sync app, so it’s been a long time coming, but the trifecta is now complete. As I wrote at the time,

“Now all Google needs to do is ship an app to sync my Google contacts to my BlackBerry and I can cut my desktop (and Microsoft) out of the equation altogether.”

Assuming this integration works as well as Google’s Calendar sync, my BlackBerry now offers a perfect, portable mirror of my most important personal productivity apps: Gmail, GCal and Google Contacts. (I had already made the move away from Microsoft by picking up one of the low-end MacBooks that was marked down after Apple’s recent round of upgrades). Nice work, guys.