Website 4 Sale! EZ Monee! Work From Home!

If you’ve been following the Askablogr saga, this is the final chapter. I’ve had a ton of fun with the project and it was a useful conversation-started in the early days of Founders Co-op, but I’ve gotten too busy to give it much love and don’t think about it except once a month when I get the hosting bill.

So Craig and I have decided to complete the cycle and put the site up for sale on eBay. If you’re in need of a blog Q&A widget service – and you know you are – come on down and make a bid!

P.S. – the title is a *joke* (it is April Fools, after all) but the auction is 100% for real. In the interest of full disclosure, the site generates about $2/mo in AdSense revenue and costs $34 in hosting fees, for a net monthly deficit of $32.