AppStoreHQ makes the New York Times

I love the New York Times – it’s one of the only publications I still read in paper form (every day, no less), so it’s always a good day when one of my projects gets a mention in the Gray Lady.
Today was that day for AppStoreHQ. Roy Furchgott gave us a nice shout-out in his Gadgetwise piece on App Store shortcomings titled “Apple’s 1.5 Billion Wake Up Call“:

Of course, there is another option. Give consumers better tools to sort through the stores themselves. One stab at that is found at the Web site App Store HQ. In addition to being more organized and informative than the iTunes App Store… it also has a sortable search. So instead of just choosing from 1693 apps categorized under music, you can then choose only those rated four stars and up (158 apps) then narrow it to those that cost 99 cents (38 apps). Still not perfect, but a step in the right direction.”

Thanks for the shout-out, Roy – you made my day.