Do iPhone developers care about the iPad? Here’s a data point…

I picked up an interesting factoid this week from AppStoreHQ – a Founder’s Co-op portfolio company that offers iPhone app search, discovery and social recommendations. In addition to their consumer-facing site, the company also owns and operates iPhoneDevSDK, the leading independent community site for iPhone developers. iPhoneDevSDK has over 20,000 registered members, but also picks up a ton of iPhone developer search traffic thanks to a very active and content-rich member forum.

I was curious to see how strongly the iPad announcement would register in the inbound search terms to the site, so I pulled the Google Analytics keyword analysis for Wednesday (the day of the announcement) and there it was at the top of the list: ‘iPad human interface guidelines’ was the top term for the day. I polled the whole keyword set for phrases that included ‘iPad’ and found almost 100 more, accounting for a little over 1% of site traffic that day (see image for the top 10 terms by volume).

So for what it’s worth, my take is that iPhone developers *are* excited about the iPad as a new vector for innovation, and are already getting busy figuring out how to take advantage of its capabilities.