Ninja? Rock Star? Badass? Whatever… AppStoreHQ is hiring: UX designer / developer

AppStoreHQ is a Founder’s Co-op portfolio company that helps smartphone owners (i.e, iPhone / iPad / Android / mobile web) discover the best new apps, with real-time rankings based on the velocity and relative authority of discussion about them on blogs and social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The company has built an incredible position in the market with just two developers, are closing in on profitability and running hard at a long list of product and revenue opportunities, but they need a rock-solid front-end guy or gal to really make the business sing.

 They just posted this position on 37Signals – here’s the summary:

We’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades UI/UX designer/developer who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the backend. You’ll work primarily on our Rails frontend code: simplifying, beautifying, and generally making our site easier and more fun to use for the hundreds of thousands of folks who do so each month. You’ll A/B test multiple designs to find the best one, but you’ll make the call based on instincts when necessary. You’ll build worthwhile products and have an amazing experience working with an great team of 2 alongside a handful of other cool companies also housed at Founder’s Co-op.

Sound like your kind of gig? Send a resume and portfolio link to