Announcing Founders Co-op as a charter member of Startup America + The TechStars Network

Today the White House announced Startup America, a new economic initiative to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the nation. I’m proud to announce that Founders Co-op is a launch partner for this initiative as a charter member of the TechStars Network.

Andy and I started Founders Co-op to help the best local technology entrepreneurs build the next generation of great companies here in the Pacific Northwest. As our firm has grown we’ve developed a clearer picture of what it will take to make Seattle and the Pacific Northwest a magnet for the most talented and entrepreneurial people in the world. We signed up to run the TechStars Seattle program from our offices as one element of this vision. I joined the board of the WTIA to broaden our perspective and support the needs of the larger technology community. And when David Cohen shared his vision for the TechStars Network as a national alliance of organizations with a shared belief in the power of entrepreneurship to create growth and jobs, we jumped at the chance to help launch the program.

The TechStars Network is organized around a few simple but powerful ideas:

  • We exist to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship across the globe
  • We believe that developing strong relationships and strong communities creates amazing results
  • By connecting experienced entrepreneurs and investors with promising young startups and entrepreneurs…
    • We expect to inspire second order effects/community building on a global scale…
    • … and inspire growth and innovation across the globe.
What does this mean for Founders Co-op?
Our mission hasn’t changed: we’re still committed to supporting local entrepreneurs and contributing to a vibrant local ecosystem of innovation. But we operate in a global economy and – with this association – have deepened our connection to an incredible global network of like-minded leaders, investors and entrepreneurs who share our passion for the power of entrepreneurship to make the world a better place.