Welcoming Thinkfuse to the Founders Co-op Family!

Mike Arrington got wind of this one last night so we’re making it official as well: we’re delighted to announce that Thinkfuse (TechStars Seattle 2010) is a recent addition to the Founders Co-op family of companies. The company is still in private beta so they aren’t saying much about what they’re up to yet, but Robert Scoble ran an interview with co-founder Brandon Bloom last December (see below) that tells some of the story.

We first met co-founders Brandon Bloom and Steve Krenzel last spring and were delighted to see them make the cut for the inaugural TechStars Seattle class. They’ve been on fire ever since, adding beta customers, listening hard and polishing up the product in preparation for a public launch later this year. The addition of Aydin Ghajar as CEO has kicked the team into even higher gear, adding dimension and  horsepower to an already supercharged team. We’re honored to be a part of the fantastic investor group they’ve put together and can’t wait to see just how big a dent they can make once they really take the cover off. Nice work, guys!