Getting the band back together: welcoming Amperity to the Founders’ Co-op family

We named our fund Founders’ Co-op for a reason: we believe great companies are built by truly exceptional founders. And world-class founders never stop being founders; win or lose, creating new companies is their superpower and you can count on them to keep doing it for as long as they draw breath.

Back in 2009, we backed a young but wildly talented first-time CEO named Kabir Shahani. He and his co-founder, Chris Hahn, went on to build a fantastic company called Appature that was acquired by now-public IMS Health (for around $100M) in 2013. We loved working with Kabir, and when it became clear that his time at IMS was drawing to a close, we made sure he knew that we were standing by to join him on his next adventure. Madrona Venture group was the lead investor on the Appature deal, and they also kept close tabs on Kabir after his first exit.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the founder-and-investor team behind Appature is working together again on a new company called Amperity. Kabir is playing his cards a little close to his vest for now, but what I *can* tell you is that the Amperity team is taking many of the lessons they learned in the healthcare vertical — using modern data manipulation and machine intelligence tools to supercharge the marketing discipline at enterprise scale — and applying them to an even larger set of potential customers.

We’re thrilled to be embarking on a new journey with a team of founders and investors we know so well and believe in so deeply. Amperity the company is a new investment for Founders’ Co-op, but Kabir and his team were already members of our investing family, and we hope they always will be.