Askablogr Question: Choose “full install” if you want Q&A to post to blog automagically

Q: Chris: When I responded to your question I somewhat expected it to show up on my blog as a post. That did not seem to happen. Am I doing something wrong or was a just offbase on the functionality?
Posted by lance

A: Hey Lance, if you completed the full install it should have. I don’t see the Askablogr widget on you blog, so it looks like you may not have installed it. You can always add it later by going to your profile page and cliking on the ‘Edit‘ link. In order for the Q&A to post automagically you need to give us the login for your account (whis is totally secure and used only for this purpose). Then we’ll insert the formatted Q&A block as an inline post at the same time we publish it on Askablogr.

Thanks for the feedback on this – my guess is our user flow isn’t totally self-explanatory on this topic (one of the many areas requiring further attention…)

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  1. Lance

    Great answer. When I went through reg the first time I skipped the blog registration step. Went back and fixed that. Thanks for your help.

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