Askablogr Question: Upgrading Your Account to ‘Full Install’

Q: When I signed up for Askablogr I elected not to have the Q&A post to my blog. Now I think I might want it to. How do I change that?
Posted by kr8tr

A: Hi Rob, you’re not the first person who’s wanted to make this switch (I hope it means you’re enjoying the service). Here’s what you do: login and go to your profile. Next to the header titled ‘Account Info’ (in the upper left) and click on ‘Edit‘. In the ‘Blog Info’ section you have the option to change your settings. In order for your Q&A to post to your blog automagically you need to give us the login for your account (which is totally secure and used only for this purpose). Then we’ll insert the formatted Q&A block as an inline post at the same time we publish it on Askablogr.

Thanks for asking and don’t hesitate to suggest ways that this process could be made more intuitive – we have a lot of room for improvement on that front.