Askablogr Question: When Will We Add RSS / Atom Support?

Q: Are you planning on implementing feeds (RSS, Atom) for the questions and answers Askablogr site?
Posted by aafromaa

A: Hi Anne, and ouch, you hit a sore spot there. Craig and I have had RSS feeds on the Askablogr feature list since our earliest release, but it keeps getting pushed down the list. With a very small team working on this part time, our top goals are to make it easy for people to join, ask and answer, with content distribution an important but secondary need (i.e., if we don’t have any content to share, the sharing tools won’t do us much good).

We have *lots* of areas for improvement, bur biggest issue right now (at least as far as we can tell) is that the registration burden for question askers is too high, which is depressing question volume for our registered bloggers (you included). The focus of our next sprint is to lower that hurdle, while still preserving a healthy level of protection for the blogger (i.e., so you can’t get flooded with spam questions). 

All that said, our member signup and Q&A volume is accelerating pretty nicely, so I don’t think we can put off RSS implementation indefinitely. Given our current backlog of bug fixes and feature adds, a cautious estimate would have us adding feeds before the end of April, but probably much before.