Open Startup: Askablogr in Mashable

Just before I left the office this afternoon I fired off a cheeky email about Askablogr to the folks at Mashable. They’d recently covered Guy Kawasaki’s new project, Alltop, with a focus on the fact that he’d “only” spent $10K to launch the product, which is $2,500 more than I’ve spent on Askablogr so far.

I didn’t really expect them to run the story, because (a) I’m not Guy Kawasaki, and (b) Mashable editor Adam Ostrow has a project called Qwizzy that could be considered competitive. But I came upstairs tonight after a dinner party with friends to find a note from Rahul pointing to this article:

“$10K for Alltop? Guy Kawasaki got taken!”

Thanks for the generous writeup, Kristen – sometimes I enjoy being proven wrong…