Reader Question: Do I Use Twitter?

Q: Chris, what’s your twitter profile? That tends to be an easier way for me to keep track of active bloggers
Posted by Daltonsbriefs

A: I know this makes me a reactionary and luddite, but Twitter’s value prop just doesn’t resonate with me. Since you’ve asked I’ll go ahead and set up an account just to figure out what I’m missing, but to this point I’ve felt (perhaps wrongly) that it’s too narcissistic even for me (I just can’t believe anyone really cares to know what I’m doing / thinking about with that level of frequency / immediacy).

If you’re a big Twitter fan I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I’m missing…


  1. Lulu

    I’ve got to be honest I don’t quite get it either

    At a festival I could understand it could be useful as a mass-mind kind of thing (like, which toilet actually works?)

    Lots of my stuff gets sent to Twitter, but I’m not sure who really wants to know when I’m recording a song AGAIN

  2. Daltonsbriefs

    For me, twitter has been a way to watch the active bloggers, see what they do on a regular basis.

    Commenting on Chris Brogan’s site may get me a comment back once in a while, but talking (by twitter) with Chris can yeild quicker and more fluid results for me. Especially if others notice the conversation and jump in.

    My Twitter

    If you join, go ahead and copy mine in and follow, see what you think

  3. DaveSchappell

    I gave Twitter a whirl last year at the beginning of the hype — I quickly found it to be a big distractor/interruptor. Hell, with all the people declaring email bankruptcy, I’m not sure how Twitter helps… instead, I see it as almost the endgame of instant communication, and not in a good way.

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