Hillary Clinton is 2008’s Ralph Nader

Scanning the results and analysis from yesterday’s Pennsylvania primary gave me nasty flashbacks to 2000 and the role Ralph Nader played in sticking us with the disastrous reign of George W. Bush. Hillary is apparently willing to do exactly the same thing to us this year, continuing to fight for the nomination beyond all hope of earning it, thereby tipping the scales just enough in John McCain’s favor to guarantee us four (or eight) more years of ruinous war and even more ruinous domestic and financial policy.

Like Nader before her, Hillary is busily earning herself a seat in Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell, stubbornly sacrificing her country and her party in pursuit of her insatiable personal ambition. If John McCain is our next president, she will shoulder a disproportionate share of the blame.


  1. Dave Naffziger

    Playing around with the Slate’s delegate counter: http://www.slate.com/id/2185278/

    Hillary would need to win 69% of the vote from all of the remaining contests to exceed Obama’s delegate count. If you assume that S. Carolina will vote overwhelmingly Obama (he leads by 20pts), then she needs to win 80%.

    Its over. Hopefully Indiana will put an end to the race.

    1. Richard Nelson

      What about super delegates? I think ~250+ are still uncommitted (and committed ones can change their mind).

  2. Richard Nelson

    I have to disagree – Hillary continuing the race is a good thing:
    1. Democrats are registering in record numbers. This will mean more Democratic voters in the fall.
    2. While Obama will ultimately prevail, this is only going to toughen him up. He’s fantastic when talking at a high level, but this will give him more experience pounding out the nitty gritty which he needs to work on. He’ll need that once McCain and the GOP start at him.
    3. She’s got the entrepreneurial spirit – why should she quit when she still has some a chance (especially with super delegates and contested states up in the air). Isn’t that what all of us are doing?

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