Reader Question: Where Did I Get My Askablogr Widget?

Q: hi, where did you get the question box widget?
Asked by shelby

A: Hi Shelby, thanks for the question (note to other readers: I swear I didn’t plant this). My “question box widget” is something I created with a developer friend of mine (Craig Huizenga). The widget and supporting web service is called Askablogr, and it’s free and available to any blogger who wants one. If you’re curious about the ideas behind the service, I’ve been blogging about it for a while now as a sort of experiment in “open startups”. My first post introducing the service and some of the ideas behind it can be found here.

I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions on how to make the service more useful (or more fun), so if you have any thoughts along those lines, just fire away.

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  1. barbara

    Hello Chris,
    This is a very fun widget. I’am installing one !!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment.I sincerely appreciate it.

    Have a nice day.

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