Member Question: Widget Language Support Request

Q: hi,how can i edit the Blog Widget UI support chinese ?thank u .
Asked by JiongLa

A: Hi JiongLa, thanks for the question. Unfortunately we only support English right now, so there isn’t an easy way to edit the widget. However, if you want to create a text link that invites questions in Chinese (or any other language), you can construct one using the “Ask” button URL from your member profile page. In your case ths URL is:

We’re looking hard at multi-language support, because so many of our new members are non native English speakers. I don’t think we’ll be able to internationalize the entire service in the near term, but we’ll be looking for creative solutions to give members more control over the messaging and tools that appear on their blog.

Thanks again for the question, and thanks for using Askablogr.

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