Reader Question: Can I Use Askablogr as a Marketing Tool?

Q: just seeing how the askablogr service works, and evaluating it for getting in touch with influential bloggers who might be appropriate for marketing a new blog tool… so my question:does it work?
Asked by jared

A: Hi Jared, thanks for kicking the tires at Askablogr. One thing you should know about the service if you plan to use it as a marketing tool: your first question will get probably get through, but if your offer isn’t relevant to the blogger or is presented in a way they don’t like, they can ignore or permanently block you from contacting them again. Email accounts and IP addresses that get blocked by individual members are also likely to get blocked by the service as a whole. All this is to say, please use the service – and the attention of the people you hope to reach – with respect. Pace Marshall McLuhan, if you’re marketing to bloggers it’s the message, not the medium, that matters most.

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