AppStoreHQ gets another shout-out in The New York Times | Gadgetwise

A few months ago the AppStoreHQ team noticed a spike in visits from The New York Times. We checked our referrer logs and discovered a very flattering description of our iPhone app search offering in this article.

This morning we saw a similar bump and wondered if the same piece had been rediscovered. Instead, we discovered a new (and even more flattering) mention in a Gadgetwise piece on a new app discovery feature from Apple titled “Is That a Recommendation, Or an Ad?” After describing Apple’s offering – a collection of recommended apps for different needs – the author (Roy Furchgott) goes on…

“Okay, I’ll grant that it’s really difficult to pick between the many great apps out there (and the many more cruddy ones). But that’s just the point. We need a better system. Take a look at something like AppStore HQ, which lets you sort through apps using multiple criteria, like category price and popularity to narrow your choices to a manageable number. Something like that from Apple would be useful.”

AppStoreHQ may be a “new” media company, but when a “traditional” company with the stature of the New York Times singles us out for attention, it still makes us feel like the most feared and respected teacher in school just gave us a gold star. Thanks, Roy – we’re honored to be on your radar and working hard to make sure we deliver for your readers.