Paid iPhone App Reviews – The Plot Thickens

Yesterday I shared an email exchange with someone claiming to be Jon Atherton, creator of Wobble iBoobs. Today I received the following comment on that post:

see techcrunch – this is my response to their article.

I’m afraid you have been duped by an impersonator Jack.

1. Did you call the number mentioned above? If you did – did you leave a message on the voicemail. (it’s a skype-in number based in Australia)
2. Did you do a search for Wobble iPhone App on google and find that the actual blog is: and the about page lists my real email address: (the blog address mentioned above is also one of our domains, and the about page lists my real email address)
3. Did you DM me on twitter?
4. Did you look at your own articles you have written about Wobble in the past – and ask the author of those articles if they had my contact details – including my skype contact for IM?

Answers – NO to all of the above… I’d appreciate you checking up a little more thoroughly in the future and perhaps updating the article above. I haven’t paid for any blog posts nor offered payment for any blog posts… the person you have corresponded with is not me.

I am not sure what the motives of the person that has contacted you are, it would seem that they are trying to discredit me… I have been contacted by a another blogger a month or two back – on that occasion the fake JA had made several threats. I set the record straight before the article was published in that instance.

Wobble has been a successful App and has been downloaded around 1m times, the paid version has made over $300,000. I have published our stats.

I donate to charities and will consider making a donation to Haiti Рhowever I prefer M̩decins Sans Fronti̬res:

I’m mystified as to why anyone would take such a roundabout path to discrediting the real Jon Atherton, but (if this is true, which it appears to be), I’m very sorry for playing into his hands.

Truth is consistently weirder than fiction, and this is just another example…