Slides from Seattle Tech Startups Event Last Night

Guarav Oberoi and Chuck Groom put on another great event last night for their Seattle Tech Startups members. I was one of three speakers – DFJ’s Bill Bryant and CEOSherpa’s Michael Schutzler were the others – and had a bunch of great conversations both during the event and in the post-event party at Big Time Brewing.

A big thank-you to Guarav and Chuck, not just the event, but also for having sparked and nurtured the growth of the STS community – their maillist is one of the most effective resources available to Seattle entrepreneurs, and the live meetups are a great way to experience the vibrancy of this community.

As promised, here are my slides from the meetup – they weren’t designed as a leave-behind so they may be a little cryptic to anyone who wasn’t in attendance, but at least they give the flavor…