The importance of showing up

I was on a great panel at TiECon on Friday, flew home just in time for my son’s 6th birthday party, and flew out the next morning for Whitefish, Montana. I usually hate being away from my kids on the weekend but this was a trip I couldn’t miss: a close college friend had just lost his mom to cancer, after losing his dad (also to cancer) a few years previously. The memorial service was scheduled for Saturday afternoon and my wife and I arrived just in time to be a part of one of the most moving and emotionally true remembrances I’ve ever attended.

I wanted to be there for a lot of reasons: he’s an old and dear friend, his parents were amazing people, I know and like his entire family and our kids love their kids. But I also remembered how – two years ago when my dad died suddenly and unexpectedly – he piled his entire family in to the car and drove 600 miles to attend the service here in Seattle.

So here’s a reminder – as much for me as for anyone else reading this post:

  • Life is short. 
  • Relationships matter. 
  • Make a point of showing up.