Welcoming Habit Labs to the Founders Co-op family

TechCrunch’s article on this financing had already hit Techmeme by 10 this morning so pretty much the entire world has already heard the news, but I wanted to take a minute to officially welcome Habit Labs co-founders Jen McCabe and Buster Benson to the Founders Co-op family.

We’ve been looking for a way to work with Buster ever since he left Amazon + 43things but the perfect opportunity just hadn’t come together. Then, a few months ago, I got a call from a Bay Area friend asking if I’d meet with an awesome woman entrepreneur who was moving up to Seattle. I had a great intro call with Jen, in which I learned she was teaming up with Buster by merging her YC-backed behavioral health startup (Contagion Health) with his (HealthMonth). From that call on I knew this was a team we wanted to back.

They’ve each done great things on their own, but as a team Buster and Jen are upping each other’s game in a big way. Buster brings to the partnership a rare mix of pure software craftsmanship, end-user obsession and an abiding passion for instrumentation and analytics. Jen adds an infectious blend of energy, leadership skills, effective communications and health industry cred. Together, Jen and Buster are now busy assembling an incredible supporting cast of investors, partners and team members who share their dream of making a big dent in the world of consumer-driven health care. We’re delighted to be in their family, and to welcome them to ours.